CAF provides niche human resources (HR) services to organizations and individuals in the agricultural and food sector.  Core services focus on providing support to 1) industry organizations, 2) educational institutions and 3) individuals.

Services to industry and professional associations

  • strategic relationship building with stakeholders, institutions and students

  • partnerships 

  • talent acquisition, e.g., strategic planning, consultation, recruitment, promotional events, employment information sessions

  • talent development, i.e., engagement, learning, evaluations, leadership development, coaching, career transition

  • internal/external consultation, employee surveys

  • posting service

  • recruitment, resume collection, employment testing, pre-screening, interviews

  • event organization

  • advertising

Service to educational institutions

  • liaison and relationship building with industry, stakeholders and community

  • planning, promotion and implementation of student career development programs, e.g., exchanges, career services, mentorship

  • student placements

Candidates (students, graduates, experienced)

  • consultation on career and employment matters

  • placements

  • interview practice

Services are innovative and successful.  Recruitment and promotional activities are successfully conducted via social media as it is an effective means to raise visibility and attract qualified applications.  Because of its uniqueness and value, CAF’s Facebook page has thousands of followers and viewers.  It specializes in delivering information about careers, work opportunities and educational content concerning the agricultural industry.  Examples are job advertisements, educational content about organizations, and learning and networking opportunities.