Manitoba Horticultural Production Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) — Carberry, MB

Posted: November 23, 2022
Applied Potato Research Technician

Manitoba Horticultural Production Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) — Carberry, MB

Opens: Oct 24, 2022

Closes: Dec 16, 2022


The Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (CMCDC) in Carberry, Manitoba is an Industry-Government site dedicated to applied crop research. CMCDC’s industry partner, the Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) Inc is hiring a technician position to support the applied potato research program. The specific function of the research technician is to support the MHPEC agronomist in the development and execution of an applied potato research program. 


The research program includes research priorities such as:

  1. Optimization of nutrient and pesticide inputs for optimal potato yield and quality
  2. Assessing and remediating sources of in-field variability such as salinity, drainage, topography, and sub-optimal biotic and abiotic soil characteristics
  3. Optimizing water management (irrigation and drainage) for optimal potato yield and quality
  4. Mitigation strategies for persistent soil borne diseases such as Verticillium wilt, black dot, and common scab


This position includes, but is not limited to, duties such as:

  • Supporting the agronomist with the development of new projects with idea generation, planning, and networking
  • Assisting the agronomist in instructing, monitoring, and managing students and support staff
  • Maintenance and calibration of technical equipment used in research
  • Operation of precision agricultural equipment
  • Operation of remote sensing equipment (potential examples: UAV and Soil Optix)
  • Operation of farm machinery
  • Collection of soil and plant samples
  • Preparation of soil and plant samples for analysis, submitting samples
  • Data entry
  • Report writing and proofreading
  • Representing MHPEC Inc and the project at conferences


  • Applicant must possess and maintain a minimum of a class 5 license.
  • 4-year degree is required, preferably in agriculture or agricultural-related research.


  • The position is full time 40-hour workweek for 12 months a year.
  • Pay is hourly and commensurate with level of education and experience.


For any questions or to apply, email your resume, contact information and the dates you are available to begin work to Zack Frederick (