A niche hiring connection

The agriculture and food sector is more than the backbone of Canada’s economy. It’s also a unique culture driven by a proud history of hard work, resilience and innovation. This industry offers unlimited opportunities for our country’s growth but requires a skilled and diverse workforce to succeed. That’s where CAF comes in. We connect employers of all sizes with qualified, high-fit candidates uniquely suited to each role using our national network and innovative technology. We also work with post-secondary institutions to design, implement and oversee career development programs.

As recruitment specialists in the agriculture and foods industry, we get the challenges of maintaining expertise in the workforce. We help overcome those challenges by connecting employers with the best and most qualified candidates. Our niche expertise attracts the right people to make the right fit.

Laura Lazo, Ph.D.

CAF founder Laura Lazo brings more than 13 years of relevant experience to her role as an HR specialist in the agriculture and food industry. A scientist, published researcher and consultant who has taught at the university level, she leverages her knowledge to facilitate the integration of diverse talent into the agriculture and food sector. Having worked closely with students, grads and young professionals at the postsecondary level, Laura recognizes the values and jobs that attract them. At the same time, she knows the culture and needs of this sector’s employers inside out and is particularly adept at connecting them to the right candidate. Understanding the needs of all stakeholders in the process is what makes Laura uncommonly effective at what she does.

Laura works with job candidates, companies, non-profits, government, institutions, and small businesses in her role at CAF. She targets her expertise to help raise HR profiles, organize recruitment events, offer career development guidance, advise on best hiring practices and develop partnerships and opportunities. Laura is also the Co-Founder of the Manitoba Women in Agriculture and Food (MWAF) group.