Our Services


Building high-power teams

Growing or joining a team that reflects the grassroots and blue-sky values of the agriculture industry is the key to long-term success. We exist to help you achieve that. CAF simplifies the recruitment process with services that meet diverse HR needs while attracting high-fit candidates to specific roles. As a conduit with deep roots in the industry and specialized technology, CAF connects the best candidates to the ideal jobs. That’s how dream teams are built. Our value added makes us unique and gives you a competitive advantage that no one else can. We have the only Facebook page in the industry that it is also a niche job board. When you post a job with us, your ad is automatically advertised through our Facebook page that has thousands of followers.


Finding the right people for the right role translates into several benefits for your company, starting with higher employee engagement and improved staff retention rates. Through our partnership with the Manitoba Women in Agriculture and Food, we are also uniquely positioned to supply you with diversity focused services.

This helps build your employment brand, increases your ability to attract the best candidates to other job vacancies and boosts long-term efficiency and profitability.

We’ve designed our job posting process to efficiently connect you to our carefully curated nationwide network of professionals and students uniquely qualified to work in the agriculture and food sector. Our approach will help match you quickly with applicants who fit your culture and immediate staffing needs while supporting future growth that only a great team can help you achieve.

CAF can also act as an extension of your HR team as a partner, providing best practices for recruitment efforts and developing promotional activities and programs to help raise your company’s employment profile.


Wherever you may be on your career journey, you have expertise and experience that qualifies you for niche job opportunities in the agriculture and food industry. Finding those opportunities on massive job boards is time-consuming and exhausting. That’s where CAF comes in. We work specifically with agriculture and food companies, non-profits, governments, institutions and small businesses across Canada to recruit people like you for a wide range of employment opportunities. 

We know you offer more than what can be summarized on a resumé. Our recruitment approach helps identify your strengths and position you for success as an agriculture and food sciences professional. We offer advice from writing cover letters to developing strong interview skills and consider the whole picture of what you have to offer to stand out among competitors and attract employers.

Industry and professional associations

The way we work and hire is changing, especially in the agriculture and food sector. CAF offers dynamic recruitment services to help organizations and associations successfully pivot to these HR changes. The talent acquisition services we’ve developed at CAF will match you with highly-qualified candidates for job vacancies. We can also help support diversity and inclusion in your staffing decisions. In addition, we liaise with external industry stakeholders, helping you build partnerships to help sustain growth and consistency within your team. We also lead internal talent development, including employee engagement, learning, evaluations, leadership development, coaching and career transitions.

Our strategic planning, consultation, educational and promotional recruitment services will help elevate your employment brand and strengthen your hiring strategies for the future.

Educational institutions

Through their career services programs, colleges and universities help students and graduates find related job opportunities, empowering them to achieve satisfying professional lives. These programs need communication channels with industry members looking for students to fill their vacancies. This requires extensive knowledge of the industry and a significant investment of time.

CAF has the knowledge and expertise that institutions’ career services programs need to achieve their potential in a highly-integrated, outsourced capacity. We help them fulfill their commitment to connecting students with jobs by partnering with them to achieve their goals. We offer planning, promotion and implementation of student career development programs that include co-ops, internships, exchanges, training, mentorship and recruitment services for students and graduates. Our robust and established connections with agriculture and food companies are instrumental in attracting and increasing work opportunities for students.

Pre-screening assessment services

Resumés, references and interviews are used to select the right candidate for a position on your team, but pre-employment assessments provide valuable insight into personality, communication style, preferences and values before you hire.

We offer pre-screening assessments that rank candidates based on their likelihood to succeed in specific roles. Screening tools developed and vetted by occupational psychologists offer quantifiable insight into personality traits that can be hard to measure by instinct. When used appropriately as part of an overall recruiting strategy, pre-screening is a powerful and objective tool for assessing a candidate’s potential for success, identifying potential leaders and building your HR pipeline.

While this process doesn’t replace the value of resumés and interviews, it saves time, allowing you to prioritize top candidates using metrics and reduce the risk of losing them to other employers.