How to Uncover the Right Information During the Interview

How can employers select for the right candidate? How can candidates show they are the right candidate for the role? 

The job interview is the main tool to select candidates for a role but sometimes it is not effective enough to identify the best fit. Hiring the wrong candidate comes with serious consequences to the employer’s budget, the company’s production and the team. The right candidate is missed.

Employers can maximize the effectiveness of the interview by asking theright kind of questions. For instance they can ask questions that: 1) seek to uncover how the candidate reacted to specific situations in the past; 2) evaluate the fit the company’s work culture, and 3) that appear unrelated to the role but inform on the candidate’s soft skills. Tests for skills, personality, and cognitive ability offer additional and valuable information. Another useful tool is to conduct the interview as a team in order to gain insights from others and reduce personal biases. 

Candidates can also maximize the effectiveness of their interview and their fit to the role by asking specific questions. They can be about 1) the level of skills and competencies needed to execute the role properly, 2) how they will be evaluated in the future, 3) the company’s structure and hers/his specific position in it, 4) learning opportunities ad 5) career prospects. Moreover, they can come to the interview prepared to make a presentation about themselves or to demonstrate their ability in one or more of the job requirements and or offer willingness to take a skill test.

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Laura Lazo, Ph.D.

CAF founder Laura Lazo facilitates the integration of high-fit diverse talent into the agriculture and foods sector, connecting qualified candidates with companies, non-profits, government, institutions and small businesses. She offers guidance on career development, best hiring practices and developing partnerships and opportunities.

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