Transformational Leaders Needed

Our industry is undergoing a deep transformation due to technology, demography and the ever-increasing role of HR in operations. Necessarily, these changes bring us to question our understanding, and what is expected, of leadership. 

Over the last 10 years or so, the concept of leadership has evolved from a transactional model to a transformational model. The former is a tit-for tat approach, e.g., “if your performance is good, you’ll get a promotion,” “if you can’t grow your sales, you won’t get a raise…” etc. That is benefit vs punishment. Transformational leadership, instead, is the exact opposite. Under this model, leaders seek a change from some standard to a better one for the benefit of others and their organization.

These leaders are energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and walk their talk. They are genuine in their beliefs, seek to support and empower staff and inspire them to become more engaged and creative. They are thus capable of generating transformational changes in their organization such as a positive work culture and power teams built with the right kind of talent. The direct effects are that organizations transform their ability to achieve their goals, innovate and adapt to changes in the markets.

As our sector continues to evolve and the world market continues to diversify and shift, organizations need to take a serious look at their HR operation and the conceptual frameworks they use to hire and to promote their members. Finding and retaining people with the right leadership capabilities in times of change is essential for their success.

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Laura Lazo, Ph.D.

CAF founder Laura Lazo facilitates the integration of high-fit diverse talent into the agriculture and foods sector, connecting qualified candidates with companies, non-profits, government, institutions and small businesses. She offers guidance on career development, best hiring practices and developing partnerships and opportunities.

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